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The Second Chapter Podcast Newsletter is a GO!

Today I sent my first official newsletter for The Second Chapter podcast...

...and I am feeling the pressure! I’ve mentioned TSC in newsletters for Slackline Productions, (my production company focusing on stories of women 35+ which led me to the idea of starting this podcast to begin with) but this is the first time I’m sitting down to chat with you specifically as Kristin Duffy, podcast host.

WOW. 😯

Now that that’s off my chest, I want to introduce you to what you can expect to see in this newsletter (I hope!)

IMPORTANT FEMALE NEWS- this might be what I’m reading and think you might want to read, too, or something interesting/important that caught my eye in the press or online… if there’s something you think I should feature, send me an email!

POSITIVE STORIES OF PODCAST PEOPLE- Sorry, I love an alliteration. I really had to resist calling this section 'parables' instead of stories, but that would not make a lick of sense 😂

This section will be updates or news from some of the amazing women I’ve spoken with on the podcast!

QUOTABLE QUOTES- you know I love a quote, so I’ll include something that I find inspiring or funny. Funny is always good.

So without further ado… subscribe to the newsletter!

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