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The Second Chapter January Honoree

The Second Chapter podcast was thrilled to be named an official honoree for January 2021 by

The Podcast Suggestions team have been at podcasting for a long time and recognise that with the vast number of choices out there, podcast listeners can waste countless hours scrolling through podcast apps. They believe that there are so many treasures to be found in the podcast ecosystem, so they've set out to help you find them. They make it their mission to highlight independent podcasts that have put their souls into their craft... sounds a lot like The Second Chapter!

We were in the esteemed company of podcasts like The Unwritable Rant, The Black Wine Guy Experience and Keep Classical Weird, so we're flattered to be in the mix.

We hope that everyone who found The Second Chapter through Podcast Suggestions is enjoying our fun and inspiring chats with women who have changed their lives and careers after 35. And congratulations to all of the other January 2021 podcast recommendations!

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