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The Second Chapter Trailer

Ever just wanted to start over? Been curious what life is like in a job that’s more creative or pays better or fulfils your childhood dream?

I’ve always struggled with choosing a career because I want to know about and do EVERYTHING. It’s one of the reasons I decided to finally take up acting my 30s, and why I love talking to other women who haven’t followed just one steady career path.

I’m Kristin Duffy and I’m the host of The Second Chapter, a podcast where I’ll chat with women who have changed their lives and/or careers after 35. You’ll hear from the likes of a tube driver turned TV writer, a sex therapist turned actor, a performer who had a big break after 45… you get the idea.

Quotes from some of our Women Over 35 Guests

" I was THE most embarrassing mother... all my books about sex..." - Julie Binysh, sex therapist turned actor

" If there's something that you're dying to try, just absolutely go for it." - Lola Keeley, Tube driver turned TV writer

" I started writing these little blogs... it turned into something much bigger. I was almost in touch with my soul." - Denise Harrison, who went from alcoholism and homelessness to LA Grand Jury prize-winning writer

" It would be easy to stop and do something 'safe'. One of the biggest challenges is to not give up." - Valerie Ellis, psychologist turned fine artist

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